Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time flies when you're blogging

It's probably due to the fact that it's my last semester at Oklahoma State, but time has gone by so much faster this year. I can't believe Thanksgiving is over and I have about three weeks left at this school I love. Along with the semster, my Advanced PR Media class has flown by. My last blog post for the class has arrived.
I usually talk about London, or something having to relate to it, but this week is focusing on what I've learned about blogging throughout the semester.
Blogging is not as easy as it may seem at first, but at the same time it's not complicated. Pick a blog hosting site, come up with an idea and start writing. I thought I had cool ideas to blog about, then would get to writing and find that I didn't actually have a lot to say about the topic, or it would be more about one thing rather than the informational direction that I wanted to stick with in this blog. Some of the elements or requirements for the blog limited what I could talk about, but if you are just blogging because you want to, that shouldn't be a problem. Another area I wish I would have had more practice in before starting my blog is adding video. If the internet doesn't have a fast enough connection, it can take a very long time for videos to load, or they will not load at all.

So, if you're starting a blog, here are a few tips:
-Pick a topic you have a lot to talk about or you love
-Have a plan for what you want to write about each week
-Share your blog with other people through Twitter, Facebook or other sites to get your reader base up
-Add pictures and video to your blog- it makes it more interesting and fun to look at
-Be consistent in your post topics
-Be consistent with the time you post your blog-people will know when to look
-Remember- you can blog about anything and everything- don't be afraid to talk about something you are interested in- your blog is only limited by how much you want to put in it

Want more tips? Check out these TIPS from the Blog World Expo.

Monday, November 22, 2010

L Magazine

Throughout the semester, this blog has been about London. As a project for PR Media, we had to create a digital magazine. I chose to do it over, you guessed it, London. These are the 5 things I think everyone should try to see or do when in London.
Check out L Magazine and the top 5 things you must see in London.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

People to Watch

If you ever want to find people or organizations in or around London, Twitter is a great resource. Businesses, attractions and people are growing in number in the social media world and it has never been easier to find what you are looking for or to ask directly for information.
        Interested in the London Eye? Check out their Twitter page.
Twitter is also a great place to help look for jobs.
        Trying to find a job in PR or Advertising? Many firms have Twitter accounts where you can find updates and information. Here are two you can check out:
                    Saatchi London
                   Ogilvy PR London
LinkedIn is another great resource when looking or posting jobs. You can check out the UK site
Don't be afraid to look- make use of the search bar and get looking for that company or organization you want to work for. Or, if you just want to know more about it, click "follow" and you're all set.
Good luck and happy tweeting!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keeping those Memories

A great way to keep your photos and things you've gathered on your trip is a scrapbook. Here's a quick vlog showing one I made after my last trip to London. It was a fast, simple way to have something to look at and share with my friends and family. Happy Traveling and Scrapbooking!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

London Vlog

Vlogs, or video logs, are a great way to share what you've been up to when traveling. You can film what you've seen and your thoughts for the day, share them with friends and family or post them on YouTube or another site for other people to check out. I found this vlog on YouTube. It shows a first trip to London. He decides to sum up the day in the beginning of the vlog and show video or what he talked about after. Each day he filmed video and that night, put the vlog together. After the end of the week, he has a collection of videos to remember his trip. Check out the video. If you like it, the rest of his vlogs are on YouTube.

Happy vlogging!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oklahoma State Flashmob- Extra Credit

As I posted previously, T-Mobile created a campaign, "Life is for Sharing," where they got people to participate in singing to "Hey Jude" and spontaneously burst out in dance, flashmob, in the middle of a train station.
My Advanced PR Media class decided to create our own flashmob to create awareness about the name change to our school. Oklahoma State University's School of Journalism and Broadcasting is now the School of Media and Strategic Communications.

We split into groups based on different tasks that needed to be accomplished, such as sound, helping pick the music, choreographing the flashmob, video and others.

Together we recruited members from the School of Media and Strategic Communications and other students from OSU. We sent media advisories and pitch letters to news contacts in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Stillwater and ESPN.
Our class used social media to recruit members, inform those involved, and create interest in the public by tweeting such things as "the mob is coming." By the end of the process we had a flashmob twitter, OKStateflashmob, an email address and a Facebook group.

The day of the flash mob was a success. Unsuspecting people watched as a group of seemingly random people all started doing the same dance. More people joined in as the dance progressed and we managed to catch some great reactions from the crowd.

So, without further ado, here is the OKState Flashmob of 2010:

Check out Behind the Flashmob here..

London: Viral Video make up

"Charlie bit my finger-again!" has become the number three most viewed video of all time on YouTube. Going viral quickly, this video is of two brothers from the UK, sitting together and being filmed by their father. Little did they know it would become a hit, literately, with more than 245 million views.
Made to send to the boys godparents and family friends, the video is now quoted and copied by people of all ages. The video shows older brother, Harry, stick his finger in his younger brother, Charlie's, mouth. From there, Harry says a round of funny lines that I could probably say to a number of people and they would know exactly what I was talking about.
The boys' father has a YouTube channel where he puts other videos of Harry and Charlie, frequently asked questions and other tidbits you might want to see or know. Harry, Charlie and their family have been on talk shows, locally, and have a blog and Facebook page. The two help Born HIV Free, a campaign to fight for and AIDs-free generation, by starring in YouTube videos about the organization and its efforts.

So, are you ready to see some cute kids?