Friday, November 5, 2010

London: Viral Video make up

"Charlie bit my finger-again!" has become the number three most viewed video of all time on YouTube. Going viral quickly, this video is of two brothers from the UK, sitting together and being filmed by their father. Little did they know it would become a hit, literately, with more than 245 million views.
Made to send to the boys godparents and family friends, the video is now quoted and copied by people of all ages. The video shows older brother, Harry, stick his finger in his younger brother, Charlie's, mouth. From there, Harry says a round of funny lines that I could probably say to a number of people and they would know exactly what I was talking about.
The boys' father has a YouTube channel where he puts other videos of Harry and Charlie, frequently asked questions and other tidbits you might want to see or know. Harry, Charlie and their family have been on talk shows, locally, and have a blog and Facebook page. The two help Born HIV Free, a campaign to fight for and AIDs-free generation, by starring in YouTube videos about the organization and its efforts.

So, are you ready to see some cute kids?

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